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I am always listening and learning about the different musical genres of our time. My goal is to being able to play everything with the right attitude.

Alfredo Marasco is a guitarist, arranger and composer from Lecce, South Italy. He spent his first years surrounded by the artistic folklore of his native region while at the same time by the refined atmosphere of the Bach and Handel suites so beloved by his mother. For this reason, fascinated by the classical world, he began to take guitar lessons at the age of 11. Only a few years later, searching through his father’s CD collection, he casually listened to one of them called Deep Purple – Made in Japan and was shocked. “How it was possible for a guitar to sound like that?” He suddenly grabbed his father’s electric guitar and tried for the first time to emulate that rough and aggressive sound coming out from those old speakers. He was discovering a new world --- thus a new way to play the guitar.

Despite that new focus, Alfredo didn’t stop studying classical guitar; in 2007 he decided to enroll at Tito Schipa Conservatory in Lecce. Only two years later, he achieved the 5th year Diploma in classical guitar. In 2010 at the same time of his 8th year preparation he became involved in the famous TV format show Italia’s Got Talent as a guitar performer and was able to play during the season finale, competing for one of the top 4 places. After this experience, at the age of 18, he began touring around Italy in front of big crowds and recording in the studio with many notable and musically diverse artists/bands (Jean- Michel Byron, Davide Mogavero, Verseta etc.).

In January 2014, Alfredo left his country to study abroad at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he is currently enrolled as a student majoring in Professional Music. He is also currently working on a few projects as a composer and arranger and as performer in different shows.

His goal has always been related to researching, listening to and learning about the different musical genres of our time, being able to play everything with the right attitude.